Some items may be available at the truck that are not on the online menu, due to rotating specials.

*allergen warnings*       VG=CAN be made vegetarian       V=CAN be made vegan

5 Spring Rolls

*wheat-egg-soy-gill fish*VG

Seasoned ground turkey and veggies wrapped up snug and deep fried til crispy! Served with traditional dipping sauce. (Other flavors available)


Chicken Curry

*soy-gill fish* V/VG

Steamed white rice topped with broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, onion,garlic, and chicken breast, all cooked up with our house made yellow curry!


Fried Noodles

*wheat-soy-seaseme* V/VG

Yakasoba noodles pan fried with broccoli and cauliflower matchsticks, carrot medallions, onion, garlic, and chicken breast!


Spring Roll Salad

*wheat-egg-gill fish-peanuts*V/VG

Cool rice noodles topped with scallions, head lettuce, cucumber, carrot, mint, thai basil, cilantro, peanuts, and sliced traditional spring rolls. Served with traditional sauce.


Nori Wasabi Salad

*soy-shrimp* V/VG

​Cool rice noodles topped with nori, scallions, red cabbage, cucumber, carrot, and chicken. Served with wasabi soy.



*wheat-soy-gill fish-eggs*V/VG

​Curried chicken breast, mayo, sriracha, cucumber, red cabbage, pickled carrot and daikon, cilantro, onion, white rice, and lime wrapped in a flour tortilla.



*wheat-egg-soy-gill fish* 

Pho seasoned shredded beef, mayo, sriracha, jalapeno, bean sprouts, mint, cilantro, thai basil, onion, hoison sauce, rice noodles, and lime wrapped in a flour tortilla.



*wheat-soy-egg-gill fish* 

Seasoned pulled pork, mayo, sriracha, jalapeno, cucumber,  cilantro, pickled daikon and carrot, black pepper, and soy, wrapped in a flour tortilla.




Crispy yummy tots sprinkled with garlic salt, served with your choice of dippin'!


Sweet Potato Tots


Crispy/chewy and sprinkled with your choice of garlic salt or cinnamon and sugar, served with your choice of dippin'!




A soft chewy brownie with a chocolate chip cookie base, and an oreo in the center!



Vietnamese Coffee


Slow brewed vietnamese coffee mixed with sweetened condensed milk. Soooo decadent!


Thai-ish Iced Tea


A blend of three black teas mixed with sugar and sweetened condensed milk.


Iced Green Tea

Simple unsweetened iced brewed green tea.