Some items may be available at the truck that are not on the online menu, we have rotating specials.

5 Spring Rolls

Ground turkey seasoned to perfection, wrapped nice and snug, and deep fried until crispy! Served with A traditional dipping sauce.


Also available in a variety of flavors

Vietnamese Sandwich

A perfect blend of seasoned pork, pork sausage, and pate on a hoagie roll with cucumber,  cilantro, jalepeno, and a fabulous shredded pickled carrot and daikon mix. And a little mayo, and spicy soy sauce....!!! You'll love it!


​Also available in vegetarian

Chicken Curry

​Steamed white rice, topped with stir fried vegetables and your choice of chicken or tofu. you choose how spicy.

Can be made Vegan. Is gluten free. Ask about white rice alternatives for $1more.


Fried Noodles

Yakasoba Noodles pan fried and seasoned, mixed with broccoli and ccauliflower matchsticks, carrot medallions, onion, garlic, ect, and chicken or tofu


Vietnamese Coffee

​Insanely addicting! Strong brewed Vietnamese coffee, mixed with sweetened condensed milk, served over ice.


Spring Roll Salad

Cool rice noodles, topped with shredded lettuce and carrots, cilantro, mint, thai basil, and peanuts. Add sliced spring rolls, and served with traditional dipping sauce.


Nori Wasabi Salad


Cool rice noodles, nori, scallions, red cabbage, carrot, cucumber, and chicken, served with wasabi soy.

​Can be made with tofu.​​

 Keep an eye out for our special menu items, and our seasonal menu items on fb!




Ranch, Spicy Ranch, BBQ, Ketchup, Spicy Soy, Soy, Sweet Chili, Mustard


Crispy yummy tots sprinkled with garlic salt, served with your choice of dippin'.


Sweet Potato Tots

Crispy/Chewy and sprinkled with your choice of garlic salt or cinnamon and sugar, served with your choice of  dippin'.



Slow  roasted beef shredded and mixed with seasonings and spices, and sweet BBQ sauce, on a soft toasted hoagie with ranch topped with red onions, and pickled jalapeno.



Chocolate Chip Cookie, layered with brownie, with an Oreo in the middle!


Try our other spring roll flavors!!!!!

BBQ Beef

Chicken bacon Ranch


Jalapeno Popper with Bacon




Sweet Balls


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