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Carmen and Minh

Excited to be embarking on our next adventure!

Always in the kitchen!

You may notice that sometimes our location notifications come a little later in the day. That's because we get up each morning to prepare our food fresh. If we work late the night before, that means shopping as well. We strive for the freshest and best quality we can provide, so occasionally it makes our hours inconsistent. Please bear with us. 

What is fish sausage?

Pork. seasoned with a commonly used sauce called fish sauce.

Is your food really spicy?

Only if you want it to be. we cook to order.

Why is your menu so small?

We have a small year around menu, and add items seasonally, or as it strikes our fancy. We feel that it helps us to keep the quality in our food.



Most food trucks are spot specific, but we thought it would be fun to see where the road takes us! So, we are a very mobile food truck going where we are invited, or just parking where people look hungry. We post our location on facebook, and google+, as well as tweeting it. So just set us to your alerts and you'll be notified of where we are! Hope to see you soon!

Our Truck!

In this photo parked at b2 taphouse, a great place for a beer!

Minh, Trystan, and Carmen

Our family owned business was a dream turned reality! 


Who We Are

                The whole family!!!!!